TR Model ReleaseTR Model Release

TR-100 Series Paste Wax

A release agent for many composite molding applications utilizing polyester/epoxy tooling, Formica, metal and other hard surface molds.

All mold releases are primarily a number one grade carnauba blend which yield unsurpassed releases. In its raw form, one of the hardest waxes available. Incorporating specific synthetic waxes with high carnauba content offers advantages of excellent chemical and heat resistant properties, high gloss profile and easy polishing characteristics.

Simply wipe on (100, 102 & 104) and allow wax to dry to a haze (5-10 minutes) at room temperature prior to polishing. Excellent ease of wipe for extended time.Our 108 should not be allowed to completely dry before wiping. Polish wipe while wax is still slightly soft or wet. Aids in new tooling break-in with improved bonding and hardness. Excellent for tape adhesion applications including when masking is required for multi-color gelcoats in marine market.

TR-200 Series Liquid Releases

Liquid releases (212, 220 & 226) are non-wax based parting agents for various composite molding applications utilizing thermoset and thermoplastic resins. Effectively minimizing mold build up while offering possible multiple release capability for many applications.

TR-200 Series Mold Releases

Economical liquid release agents for composite molding on polyester/epoxy tooling, melamine, metal & other hard surface molds as well as many flexible mold surfaces. Particularly well suited for high production applications.

Liquid wax releases (210, 214 & 216) are primarily a number one grade carnauba wax blended with other synthetic waxes in a liquid solvent carrier. Offering quick & easy application by hand or spray with excellent high thermal resistance and high gloss retention for Class ‘A’ finished parts.